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These drawings are either recently added to a gallery, feature a particular model, or represent a particular theme. I've added additional commentary to each.

Drawing two figures on a page is an exercise in planning and, really, in hope; if either of the figures don't come out, the whole page is a bust. These are some examples where things worked out. Added 2018-07-15

Richelle #1

featured image: Richelle #1
First time posing, she stood still and confident
Due to the complexity of her braids, I spent more time on this later than I did on the initial drawing.

Velda #4

featured image: Velda #4
A pair of 5-minute sketches, seemingly dancing with each other
Velda gives us terrific, dynamic poses.

Velda #6

featured image: Velda #6
Love how the light glances off her points
Seated next to standing is an odd juxtaposition, but I'm not complaining.